Gin and Spice and Everything Nice!

Do you like the sound of an earl grey marteani, or a pink gin iced tea? Sounds like artisanal cocktails are right up your alley (it’s a big alley, lots of us hang out here). If you like the sound of that, but think your boss would frown on you sipping a cocktail all day, then our feature tea might be just for you. Unlike a cocktail, our teas are  alcohol free and much easier to make – meaning you can enjoy them at work, at home, on a picnic or wherever you’d go with your keep cup.

Speaking of picnics, we’re heading into our favourite time of year. Yep, it’s time to stuff your UGG boots and hoodies into a box at the top of your closet and whip out the sun dresses because summer is coming. And on a hot day, nothing beats the sound of ice clinking inside a tall, refreshing glass of goodness. So close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that drink in your hand…

Anyone else feeling thirsty all of a sudden?

With that, it’s time to introduce this month’s limited edition tea: Gin Fizz.

One of our favourite sayings about tea is the ancient Chinese proverb: A true warrior, like tea, shows her strength in hot water. And like a warrior, our Gin Fizz truly stands out from the crowd. It’s one of our most unique and popular teas, and for good reason…

This unique combination of ingredients – lemongrass, hibiscus, rosehip, ginger, gin, berry and lemon – is in a class of its own. But we’re not just about rich flavours and refreshing aromas – Teasty Teas are also here for your health. Ginger is famous for soothing stomach aches and cramps. And did we mention it can also help fight depression? One study found that someone who drinks three cups a day is 37% less likely to suffer depression. What more? Check out nine benefits of teas here – they may surprise you!

Coming into summer, we’re once again reminded to wear sunscreen, put on a hat and stay out of the sun – but healthy skin needs more than just nurturing from the outside. We need to protect it from the inside, too. We can do that by staying hydrated. Teasty Teas will help you make that chore a little easier (and waaaaaaay tastier, if we do say so ourselves)!

We know you’re ready to add a twist of adventure to the mix and try something new – let your taste buds venture a little further with this perfect blend of spices, fruit and gin. 

Gin Fizz. Good for hydration. Good for your health. Good for your soul.

Teasty Tea.
Hydrate Creatively.