• It’s time to drag yourself out of bed...

    (no judgement on the pyjamas – or lack thereof) and get this detox started, baby!

  • Passion: Wake up and smell the roses!

    If you’re after a fresh, fragrant and floral drink, Passion is the tea for you.
  • Gin and Spice and Everything Nice!

    Do you like the sound of an earl grey marteani, or a pink gin iced tea? Sounds like artisanal cocktails are right up your alley (it’s a big alley, ...
  • Tradition – but not as you know it.

    Introducing Aussie Breakfast Tea. Its aromatic, full-bodied flavours will give you that energy boost you crave first thing in the morning. Black teas are the strongest of all the teas, but luckily contain less caffeine than coffee. And that’s great news when you reach for that second cup!