About Us

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Teasty Teas are hand-selected and mindfully prepared to supplement a healthy lifestyle, promote wellbeing, aid digestion, boost antioxidant intake, and bolster a robust immune system. 

The rhythm of life is growing faster, and we are all pulled in multiple directions at once. We are more connected, but at times more isolated. More stressed, but relaxation has never been more available with apps and playlists and spas. Life has become more complex, but one thing has remained steady. A cup of tea. 

For centuries, a cup of tea has been a respite, a break. It might be social, like a morning tea with colleagues. Or it might be solo, imbibed in the stillness of the morning before the kids get up, or on the patio as rain falls gently outside. 

But there is more to a simple cup of tea than mere relaxation, and at Teasty, our mission is to take you on the journey of wellbeing, to discover variety far beyond just black, green or herbal. 

Each month we release a limited Teasty Tea Experience Box. Each box will focus on a particular aspect that supports your mental and physical wellbeing, including tea for fitness, sleep, immunity, digestion and much much more. 

So join our growing community of wellbeing tea lovers and embrace the wellness and taste of a mystery Teasty Tea Experience Box or Teasty Tea Only Box. Available as a monthly subscription or one time purchase.

We don’t just care about tea. We care about you. 

We are passionate tea-lovers who are focussed on making a difference in your life. We are an environmentally and socially conscious team with a big goal:  

To inspire, entertain and empower you to achieve health and wellbeing, and enjoy really, really good tea.