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Tea House Infuser - Rose Gold or Silver

Tea House Infuser - Rose Gold or Silver

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Get creative with these gorgeous, 100% stainless steel tea infusers – designed to allow tea leaves to float freely and release every bit of flavour so you get the most out of each brew. Enjoy any of your favourite teas in these easy-to-use steepers. If single-use teabags make you feel a tiny bit guilty, then say goodbye to those and become a Teasty Tea environmental superwoman, using our sustainable steepers instead! Not all heroines wear capes… but we’re sure you’d look good in one.

Comes in silver and rose gold – treat yourself or impress a tea lover with this adorable little infuser. We dare you to try and find a cuter one!

Size: 3.6 x 3.1 x 2.7 cm. 

Teasty Tea: Hydrate creatively. Brew environmentally.


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